Guidelines When Buying Pawn Shop Jewelry

You may get some great bargains when purchasing jewellery at a pawn shop. Most retail stores mark up the wholesale price just as much as 300 percent. While a pawnshop purchases below wholesale so even though they must mark up the price to produce a profit and stay in business, occur to be bound to find some great deals. Nevertheless , there are some tips that will help you get the best bargain and avoid spending too much whenever you purchase.

Do your homework before you even begin to look for jewelry. Go to the Internet or local retail stores to find similar jewelry to what you’d like. Make sure you take note from the gold content and the type of stone, checking also the clarity plus quality of the stone. It should be possible to get a fair idea of how much you are likely to pay and whether you’d spend less purchasing the item at a pawn shop.

Make sure you deal with a reputable pawn agent too. Investigate the background by looking for links that either praise the particular broker for their honesty or copy them to shreds for the opposite feature. You’ll find you can avoid many problems if you research the integrity from the broker first. Ask about returning the product to see how liberal the come back policy is and whether which guarantee of authenticity form the Gemological Institute of America-GIA or the European counterpart the EGL. The statement guarantees the four C’s-clarity, slice, carat weight and color- important factors in the cost of a diamond.

Request information on the metal used to make the jewelry and see if the pawn store guarantees the quality of the metal. Silver is the least expensive then 18K money and finally pt950 platinum (95 percent platinum).

Work on your negotiation skills before you enter the shop. Most prices at pawn shops aren’t set in stone and you can negotiate a better price if you try. Set a ceiling for that amount you’ll pay and stay with it.
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Taking cash along and making debit and credit cards at home might help your negotiations and guarantee you may not pay more than you decided initially.

Always read the fine print of any promise and all the paperwork before you give the cash, particularly if you can’t return the product. You might find some fine print you simply can’t live with, such as a guarantee that’s broken the minute you walk out the door. It’s a wise decision to take your time and you’ll find you will end up making a far better purchase along with preplanning and reading everything any kind of.

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