Various Applications For Commercial Decorative Floors

Industrial Decorative Floors

Many businesses are right now converting practical office space from carpeting to concrete. Decorative concrete is a process of turning dull grey carpet into more vibrant, attractive ground. When treated properly, concrete has many more benefits than carpet in high traffic areas. There are many different styles and techniques that can be achieved when converting boring concrete to a more pleasing floor.

Carpet may seem like a logical choice when choosing a floor for a business. Although carpet does cut down on noise, it’s practicality for high visitors areas are just not up to par. Carpet retains a lot of dust and dirt, making it difficult to keep clean. Carpet must also be replaced every few years due to wear and tear.

By ripping out the particular carpet and cleaning the concrete underneath it, the floor can become more helpful for high traffic areas. The cement itself will usually need to be cleaned plus prepped for the application of decorative cement.

There are many different choices for commercial or industrial decorative floors. Some common options are acid staining, epoxy flooring and concrete overlays.

Acid Stained Floors For Commercial Use

Many businesses are now turning to acid discolored concrete floors. This application will certainly turn concrete into a marblized appearance. Concrete contains lime which interacts with the acids, which in turn adds color. The acids will slightly etching the concrete and seep down into the concrete. This way the spot cannot chip or scratch away from. A sealant is then added after the stain dries to ensure a lengthy lasting application. Stained concrete could be matched to any decor.

Expoxy Flooring For Commercial And Industrial Make use of

Expoxy resins can be applied to any concrete surface to ensure a strong and durable sealer. The resins are coupled with hardeners during the application. Epoxy floors will seal and repel unsightly stains, water and other chemical spills. This really is widely used in factories and commercial settings due to it’s strength, capability to repel spills and inability to make concrete dust. To learn more information about curtain look into our site.
Epoxy floors can be made smooth or have an orange peel look. Epoxy floors are very strong and have non-slip characteristics to them.

Concrete Overlays In Commercial Configurations

When an existing concrete floor can be used in commercial settings and has some chips, cracks or other flaws, a concrete overlay may be the best solution. Concrete overlays are thin levels of a mixture of cement, sand and polymers. This is applied topical upon existing concrete that will range thick anywhere from 1/8th of an inch to a couple inches depending upon the circumstances. Concrete overlays can also be dyed certain colors to match the surrounding decor.

There are many uses for decorative concrete in commercial or industrial settings. The owner or organization can decide on many options including designs, colours, sealers and finishes. Decorative cement is used in many settings including offices buildings, restaurants, shopping malls, high increase buildings, airplane hangars, plants, industrial facilities, warehouses, garages, machine shops, universities, universities, banks and other buildings. The options can also be exercised outside of buildings as well for walkways, patios, driveways, sidewalks and entryways. There are almost great amount of ways that decorative concrete can be utilized in a commercial setting.

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