Real estate property Photography Tips For Realtors – May Do it Yourself, You’ll Lose Your Percentage Check

I’ve done it myself; taken the things i thought were great listing photos and used them for the online MLS listing. My customers thought they were fine and I believed they were just fine, until I started working as a buyer’s agent within Seattle a few years back.

I worked with over 40 different buyers a week and everyday I’d hear, “Did you see those listing pictures? Body fat way we want to see that house, that is a dump! Does the listing agent understand how bad they are? ” Obviously, the listing agent didn’t spend anything upon real estate photography.

My buyers would certainly also see some great listing pictures and want to get in to see the home that will afternoon. We’d step inside and they’d wonder if it was the same house they saw online. They sensed cheated because the pictures were nothing like the real home. (but at least your chance agent got buyers walking with the house).

It all came down to the listing photos they saw online. That’s important marketing for listings! Give buyers a great picture and they’ll jump indoors that day. Give them a “do-it-yourself” picture and they’ll move onto the next house. The listing pictures make the difference, specially when you spend a few bucks on professional real estate photography!

Even when the listing photos were better than the actual house, guess what? It still got the purchasers inside! That’s your goal as a listing agent; get as many showings as possible. Professional real estate photography makes that happen.

With upwards of 80%+ of buyers looking online at this point, the listing photos are the first thing they may looking at and basing their initial impressions on.

How much money in dropped commissions do you think you’re missing because you will not spend a couple hundred bucks regarding professional real estate photography?

If you did spend the well invested advertising dollars on some professional real estate photography…….

You could have more satisfied clients because the home sold faster.
You might have made more cash because you did not have to drop the sales price when the listing became stale available.
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You could look like a top producer in the region because of the quicker sales, better searching listings and more satisfied clients. Your overall image is enhanced, big time!
Isn’t it funny how this kind of small aspect of your business can affect the whole thing? Anytime you realize how one problem affects your net profits, that’ll make you perk up, right?
Now avoid give me the excuse that it’s very costly because it’s not. Look at it as an advertising and marketing expense because that’s exactly what it is definitely. And real estate photography is one of the greatest things you can spend your advertising dollars on.

You have a couple options……..

You could grab a professional in real estate photography in your local area and offer them $50-$200 to come to your listing and take some fabulous photos. Make certain they’re top notch, have all the right devices and understand the goal of these photos. You don’t want to pay for real estate photography that’s no better than your own.

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