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Excellent Producers, like great athletes, have a tendency happen by accident. They are known to be incredibly disciplined and focused on the behaviors that will produce the greatest results. Their application of specific practices, their determination and their focus is what ignites them from being average in order to being exceptional. Are you ready to find out what it takes to be a great producer? Here are 11 things that all Great Producers have got in common:

1 . Great Producers avoid discover customers: they create them.

Just as there are good producers plus bad producers, there are good clients and bad customers. The best producers have defined the traits and patterns of good customers and seek to work with those customers alone. They will focus time on activities which will generate additional income. Bad customers create problems and waste valuable time for everyone in the organization. If you have never done so, sit down and list seven answers for the following statement: OUR IDEAL CLIENT IS:

2 . Excellent Producers fish in stocked ponds not open oceans.

As great anglers study to find the best fishing openings and are constantly finding the best equipment or resources to catch the prize winning fish, Great Suppliers decide what they want, educate themselves on the industries and relationships they decide to work, and utilize the best tools to accomplish their goals. Great makers pursue excellence in their knowledge of a definite field and are able to provide the best information and service to their customer base.

3. Great Producers carry out a formal customer needs evaluation prior to making product recommendations.

Too often we see that producers focus on what is going to make them the most money and not always what is best for the customer. Chasing the money alone is a short sighted method that will harm your book associated with business in a very short period of time. Great performers ask questions and listen intently to determine the personality, wants and needs of the buyer versus making personal focused, “cookie cutter” recommendations.

4. Great Producers educate rather than “sell”-they provide their customers with enough information to make informed decisions.

A Great Producer has to speak on a degree that the customer can understand. Nobody likes to be “sold” but most of us enjoy buying things and building relationship with people we like plus feel comfortable with. Great Producers find out what motivates their buyer and presents information in a way the buyer can understand.
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After conducting a needs evaluation, great performers seek to line up their program or services with that of the buyer. If it does not look like a good fit, they respectfully decline to pursue things until a much better time for both parties.

5. Great Producers go beyond product to provide their own customers with value, integrity plus trust.

Peak performers don’t presume to know what is important to the buyer. They will care to own a different perspective simply by discovering the needs of the other first. None of us really ever buys something from anyone we don’t like or even trust. Great Producers care about their reputation. I say that the TRUE Associated with BRANDING is what others say regarding you when you leave the room. Do you have the courage to really stand for your values, and live with authenticity? Would your coworkers say that you are an individual who develops trusting relationships along with others? If the only time a person talk to your customer is during a state or renewal, or the only period you invest time in your account supervisor is when you want something then you miss this concept. The Best Producers offer more in value than they get in compensation.

6. Great Producers are heavily networked within the market and their community.

Great makers are known as “connectors”. They go after relationship based on a drive to aid others in achieving their objectives. Do you have the character to truly serve other people without expecting anything in return? Social networking is not about keeping score or even asking for a return favor; it is about being the person that cares to assist meet the needs of customers, acquaintances, close friends, and ultimately you will find, abundant new business referrals. Seem to be too “fluffy” of an approach? Consider the alternative… when was the last time you met somebody who clearly had an agenda to “get” something from you? Not a great sensation; like you were being used. In fact , your brain was screaming, “GET ME AWAY FROM HERE! ” “DO WHAT YOU MAY TO GET OUT OF THIS – QUICK, RUSH, HE’S LOOKING AWAY, RUN FOR THAT EXIT! ” Don’t be that person. There is an old saying, “if you help enough other people get what they want, you will always have what you want. ”

7. Great Producers work exclusively with people who want to work with them.

Super performers surround themselves with like oriented individuals who share knowledge, insight plus value in their relationships. Remember that just because you are ready to sell does not mean the buyer is ready to buy. Do yourself and your organization a favor: find out rapidly whether you and the buyer are a good fit. If you have aligned yourself to be familiar with needs of the buyer, asked queries and listened intently, you will know the solution with certainty. Sometimes things are just not meant to be, and you shouldn’t waste materials your time with customers who don’t want to or who aren’t prepared to work with you.

8. Great Makers establish “rules of engagement”

A Great Producer respects the value of their customer’s time and in the same way desires the same in return. Super performers develop mutual trust and respect in the selling process. How does the buyer make decisions? Is the buyer connected to a firm relationship with the incumbent agent or broker? Are you clear that the customer is willing to part ways using their current relationship and work with a person instead? Do you have a product that will really bring the best value in terms of price, product and service? Producers who are not really willing to establish the rules of wedding have the lowest hit ratios, nationwide, without exception.

9. Great Suppliers can identify a valuable opportunity vs . one that is a waste of resources.

Great Producers know their own features and limitations. They focus on their particular ideal customer base, discover their own strengths through the willingness to danger learning new things, and engage in possibilities that will help them achieve their goals. Peak performers size up the circumstance, trust their instincts and learn chinese to walk away with grace and dignity.

10. Great Producers have a high A. Q.

Paul Stoltz (The Adversity Quotient) says not the I. Q. and not our emotional intelligence, but our ability to identify and overcome adversity is the NUMBER 1 FACTOR FOR SUCCESS. When life gets tough, Great Producers aggressively seek to overcome impossible circumstances, disheartening news and negative feedback simply by realizing that “this too will pass” and do not let anyone or even anything get in the way of their dreams. Great Producers do not let society, “the economy” or the opinions of others sway their own resolve for excellence.

11. Excellent Producers have a passionate personal eyesight. [Those plans can include a VISION, a BUSINESS PLAN, a MARKETING PLAN and formal GOALS.]

Having a passionate individual vision gives you meaning and objective to your pursuits. Even top performers stumble and fall behind, but the most disciplined will learn from their mistakes, adjust their plans and still move forward. They are driven by a passion to live their vision and conquer adversity. Do YOU have a vision powerful enough to call you with the pain of change?

How many of the traits describe above reflect whatever you are currently doing well? Are you constantly seeking to achieve excellence or have you allowed circumstances, mediocrity or outside influences get in the way of your pursuit of being a top performer?

Knowing what makes a Great Producer can be valuable, but it doesn’t like magic , turn you into a Great Maker. It is not what we know that matters, but instead it is WHAT WE DO WITH WHAT We can say that sets Good Producers apart from Great Producers.

REVENUE WORK: Pick one region you know you need to work on and do different things this week. Risk to write down what you want, and what you know you need to do differently. Then established a BY WHEN for yourself associated with when it will be started, and when you will be more confident in your knowledge of the skills, attributes and behaviors we have shared this month. You can also email me for ideas and short cuts to being a Great Producer.

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