Make Hip Hop Beat Music Without Any Equipment – What You Really Need

Okay, so obviously you want to make hip hop beats. To make hip hop beat music it used to take a lot of time, money and energy. The time, came from learning how the hardware and software worked, the money came from the expense of the hardware and the software, and the energy came from the pain of having to save the material on appropriate formats and mixing in a way that today would seem ridiculously difficult and time consuming.

Today, when you spend about a grand you get an easy software component with unlimited tracks that runs on your nice super fast computer with plug-ins that reach to the sky and seem limited only by your imagination. On top of that, it is even easier to write hip hop beats than ever before due to the very specific plug-ins and sounds the replicate 909’s and the like.

However, it gets even better. Suppose you didn’t have to spend a grand, could get a multi-track recorder and not have to spend the time, money and energy that used to be required to make a decent beat? Look no further and once again, we have the Internet to thank for this incredible invention.

For under $30 you can use online software programs that have a sequencer, piano-key set, drum machine and thousands of sounds to choose from with a library of sounds that just keep growing. Welcome to the future! No hardware needed, no plug-ins needed; only your creativity can stop you from making a hip hop beat in just minutes.

It’s also incredibly easy to export to mp3 (with the click of a mouse) and this means you can be writing beats and exporting them to your MySpace music page all in the same day. This truly is the future of making hip-hop beats. To make hip hop beat music, you just need a little creativity.
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The rest is handled with the advent of so much technology and innovation.

In my opinion, these new software beat maker innovations are as great as the microwave or remote control. What could be better than being able to easily master a great beat, using piano parts, synthesizers, bass-lines and guitar parts in just a few minutes? When I first started playing around with these beat makers I was up for days, just writing hip-hop beat after hip-hop beat. I still haven’t laid down the lyrics for most of the songs.

This is what the future has brought us and frankly, the future looks bright. Remember that to make hip hop beat music, all you need now is a few minutes and a desire to live the dream, which, let’s face it, is why we turn on our computers in the first place.

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