How To Tell If Boat Shares Are Right For You

Owning a boat is a huge responsibility, not only does it require a lot of time and attention but also considerable cost to keep it in safe working order. Many people choose not to own a vessel for these reasons, however there is a solution to both of these issues called boat share. Put simply, it’s owning a share in a boat and having use of it for allocated periods throughout the year whilst all the care and maintenance is handled by someone else, including cleaning and storage. Does this sound more like your kind of vessel ownership?

Here are some ways to tell if a boat share is right for you:

You want to own a boat but you simply cannot afford to purchase one on your own – As you aren’t buying an entire boat, the investment required to purchase by boat share is far lower and therefore much more affordable.

You would feel like you were wasting your money when you didn’t use it – Most boat owners only use their vessels for about 33 days a year, so for the rest of the year your beloved water craft will sit in the dock or storage, this is a waste of your money, however boat share allocates your yearly usage so you can plan ahead to use your vessel and enjoy it, and the other owners are using it when you aren’t. No wasted time or money.

You know nothing about how to maintain a boat – The boat share company looks after all the maintenance on the boat to ensure its seaworthiness at all times. Regular maintenance is carried out between uses so you can rest assured that your investment is being looked after. Additionally they take care of all the cleaning and servicing such as ensuring fresh linen is provided for when you are staying overnight.

You aren’t even sure what kind of boat would suit your requirements – The beauty of boat share is that you can choose to invest in more than one vessel. Perhaps you want a launch to take away for family holidays where you can spend several days aboard and other times you just want some speedy to head out for a days fishing. The share company will assist you in choosing which type of craft (or boats) best match your requirements. You can also buy more than one share in the same vessel if you know you be using it a lot.

As you can see investing in a boat this way is a flexible, economic and time efficient way to get all the pleasure out of owning a boat whilst eliminating all the negatives.

Ownaship is a New Zealand company with a new and excitingly different concept of actual boat ownership at a fraction of the cost of sole boat ownership. Research indicates that the average boat owner does not use his boat more than 33 days in any one year, but the expenses of owning / maintaining the boat are endless. For more information on boat share systems head to

Ownaship lets you own a share in a boat, so you don’t have to pay the full amount, and you never have to clean or maintain it. Peace of mind is assured because we are the only New Zealand fractional boat ownership company with a fully approved Prospectus from the New Zealand Securities Commission for your legal protection.


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