About Panda Bears

We all have seen what a panda large mammal. We all have seen them in television shows, Discovery channel and cartoons. Panda Bears are one of the bears that are cherished by many children and toy makers all over the world. If you are you looking for more info on teddy bears of love look into our page.
It is one of the famous topics by photographers, hunters and even zoologists all over the world. This bear was first discovered in western China over a century ago and with it, many experts had been intrigued with its color and unique nature.

The giant panda also referred to as ailuropoda melanoleuca is also referred because black and white cat food is a mammal and belongs to the family of ursidae. Panda large mammal is believed to be among the true members of bear as well as is the only representative that is residing up to now that belongs to the family of Ailuropoda. Blood tests and other genetic analysis concluded that they are genetically close to the family of raccoon as well thus the color associated with black and white.

Panda large mammals only lives in restricted places in some regions of China, this is one of the symbol associated with World Wildlife Fund and is among the protected species in the entire world. Like any kind of bears, panda Bears are heavy and usually reaches associated with 120 to 190 cm in length and with 75 – 130 kilogram in weight. They are excellent climbers in trees and rocky hillsides. Although it is often believed that bamboos is the only food source of panda, it is often untrue where in it zoologists found animal bones that is present in the digestive tract of dead panda large mammals.

Panda large mammals usually consume small birds plus animals. Though they are cuddly and cute to look at, they can be a dangerous beast when provoked. Panda Large Mammals like any bears love its one existence except when breeding plus nurturing mothers. The odd markings of panda bears is still a mystery for some and because of this, several theory evolve around it. A single theory suggests that there are conditions upon winter snow that produces the light and dark markings to camouflage from their enemies.

The population of panda bears all over the world increased from 200 to thousands. Humans are the major reason why they are endangered. There could be a lot more good things that it brings to our character. Poaching and bear trading remains illegal and it is important to save their own species for the future generations to see.

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